Reflections on a transcendent campaign launch

This past Friday, I witnessed men across the world  shine a light on the global epidemic of violence against women, promising to ring the bell to take concrete action to make a world where violence against women is rare, unacceptable and aberrant. As the world watched and tweeted, some incredible male leaders inspired and energized us. Their passion has helped ignite awareness of the Ring the Bell initiative far beyond what we ever imagined possible. And it’s just getting started.

These men gave us a vision of the future that is closer than ever, a future where women and girls — and by extension families, neighborhoods and nations — are safe and healthy. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of these male allies, along with the women and men who have already been working so tirelessly for a world free of gender-based violence.

By working together as allies and partners, I truly believe men and women can together help make this world a reality.

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