Mallika’s creative activism spans the platforms of multimedia, writing and speaking—all resources she has created for culture change. She seeks to bridge ancient wisdom and contemporary technology through storytelling and activism.

Project Interconnectedness

Mallika’s current project, Project Interconnectedness, weaves aspects of written work, multimedia resources, on-the-ground community engagement and deep collaboration to inspire transformation. The focus of the project is to support a shift from an “us versus them” framework to an interconnectedness paradigm that links individuals, people, and planet.

Strategies used in Project Interconnectedness include:

  • Building long term culture change strategies that imagine different systems and structures while simultaneously responding to shorter term needs and resistance.
  • Expanding the idea of culture change to incorporate both internal shifts and external shifts that need to happen to transform our cultures, systems, and structures.
  • Encouraging an understanding that this moment of global crisis allows us to move beyond critique to creating culture change that posits new interconnected ways of living together as people and planet.

Using media and community engagement tools, Project Interconnectedness will offer a model of change that can be replicated and leveraged for wide-scale change. Stay in touch to learn how you can be involved with Project Interconnectedness.


Sacred Ceremony for Healing and Transformation for Women/She/Her

Thursday, November 8, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST
The National Black Theatre, 2031 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10035

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Founded by Mallika in 2000, Breakthrough, a global human rights group, is dedicated to making violence against women and girls unacceptable. Using a range of creative culture change strategies, including cutting-edge multimedia campaigns, community mobilization, agenda-setting, and leadership training, Breakthrough gives men and women across multiple constituencies  the tools to stand for the dignity, equality, and justice of all. Explore Breakthrough’s work in India and the U.S.

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As a multimedia producer and storyteller, Mallika connects her audiences to visions of what’s possible. Her culture change approach probes powerful questions, and moves viewers into action, helping them connect to a sense of purpose, community, and planet.

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