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    Program Design

    Mallika customizes her signature INTER-CONNECTED approach to catalyze change in your group or organization, informed by your particular challenges and unique possibilities.

    Custom program design can enable you to:

    • Develop dynamic, new strategies and initiatives with special attention to intersectionality and systemic impact.
    • Create a culture of care at organizational and individual level.
    • Turn obstacles into opportunities through inspired innovation and generative conflict.
    • Shift organizational culture by building new paradigms for people and planet.
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    Group Facilitation

    Mallika co-creates cultures of justice and belonging. Informed by her background in intersectionality – working across race, gender, class and multiple identities – Mallika co-creates culture that integrates self, community, systems and planet.

    Co-creating community with Mallika can inspire you to:

    • Promote values of diversity, equity and inclusion to create power and leadership shifts.
    • Advance culture change and creative activism through narrative strategy and storytelling.
    • Foster an integrated approach through practices that promote personal growth and interpersonal skills for outer action.
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    Public Speaking

    In the energy of the public forum, Mallika inspires visions for powerful, interconnected futures. She opens hearts and minds to a world where change is possible across the personal, political and spiritual realms.

    Activated audiences are able to:

    • Transform a conversation into a rich community dialogue.
    • Engage to magnify the benefits of activism through the lens of interconnectedness.
    • Create an energy shift and a sense of belonging that fuels individual and collective culture change
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    Mallika unites decades of creative activism with the practices of shamanism, mindfulness, and somatic embodiment to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

    Mallika helps individuals:

    • Move beyond old beliefs that constrain and limit effectiveness.
    • Align thoughts, words and actions to create the deepest sense of wellbeing and purpose.
    • Use healing and ritual to enact change by aligning purpose from “me” to “we” and standing in interconnectedness.
Energy Medicine Professional Association - https://www.energymedicineprofessionalassociation.com

Mallika is an extraordinarily gifted teacher, mentor and trainer. She brings a unique set of knowledge and skill to the practice of interconnected leadership. But what makes her work so transformative—at both the personal and organizational levels—is how deeply rooted it is in presence, love and respect.

David Bornstein, Executive Director, Solutions Journalism Network
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