We are interdependent with all life. With every inhale we breathe in alchemized oxygen from the trees. With every exhale we nourish the plants. We live in a web of overlapping ecosystems. Yet, we have created a world ruled by division and aggression, exploitation and conquest. And in doing so, we have caused enormous suffering for millions of people, countless species, and our one earth.

What can we create when we understand that we belong together?

INTER-CONNECTED is an invitation to leadership that aligns the self, community, systems, and the earth for the shared wellbeing of people and planet. Through program design, facilitation, storytelling, ritual and healing, INTER-CONNECTED invites us to embrace collaboration to cultivate a world where we can flourish and thrive together.

Mandala Lotus Illustration

The 4 Elements of INTER-CONNECTED Engagement

  • Self

    We lead with greater impact when we heal our trauma and transform our pain into resilience and self awareness. Inner work allows us to become more effective leaders in our external spheres of influence.

  • Community

    We are members of intersecting communities defined by place, identity and shared values. As leaders, it is important to nurture our communities through interpersonal practices such as presence, connection, and deep listening.

  • Systems

    The persistent problems of hierarchy and division are deeply embedded in our systems. With a systems thinking approach, we can identify the root causes of injustice and envision new, more just and sustainable societies.

  • Earth

    Our planet holds and sustains us and millions of other species. The consequences of climate change require us to be interconnected leaders practicing reciprocity with all living beings.

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Mandala Lotus Illustration

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